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"GOLDFINGER" (1964) Review

"GOLDFINGER" (1964) Review"

Ever since its release in 1964, the James Bond movie, "GOLDFINGER" has been regarded as one of the best ever in the franchise. In fact, it is considered by many Bond fans as the franchise's definitive film, considering that it more or less created what is known as "the Bond formula". Read more...Collapse )

"STAR TREK VOYAGER: Love on a Starship"



I am not going to deceive myself and pretend that the relationship between Captain Kathryn Janeway and her First Officer, Commander Chakotay, lacked any chemistry. Of course there had been chemistry. Even a blind person could have sensed the chemistry between them just by listening to their dialogue. But while I will admit the enormous dynamics between the two characters, I never could see the possibility of a "happily ever after" for them. Not while the pair served as the command team of the U.S.S. Voyager. Read more...Collapse )

"CAPOTE" (2005) Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery of photos from the 2005 biopic about writer Truman Capote called "CAPOTE". The movie, written by Dan Futterman and directed by Bennett Miller, stars Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Clifton Collins, Jr.: Read more...Collapse )

"AUSTRALIA" (2008) Review


"AUSTRALIA" (2008) Review

I might as well say it. I have never been a fan of director Baz Luhrmann’s films. "STRICTLY BALLROOM" (1992) had failed to generate my interest. I could say the same about the 1996 version of "ROMEO AND JULIET" As for "MOULIN ROUGE!" (2001), I loathe the highly acclaimed film. Considering my views on Luhrmann’s past films, I had no desire to see his 2008 endeavor when it was first released – namely "AUSTRALIA", which starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Read more...Collapse )


"JERICHO" RETROSPECT: (1.01) "Pilot: The First Seventeen Hours"

It took me quite a while to get over CBS' cancellation of the 2006-2008 post-apocalypse series, "JERICHO". Quite a while. But when I recently watched the series' first episode, "Pilot: The Seventeen Hours", my anger returned. Somewhat. After all, five years had past since the series' cancellation. And I know it will never come back. Read more...Collapse )


Today marks the 50th anniversary of "GOLDFINGER", the 1964 adaptation of Ian Fleming's 1959 James Bond novel. Directed by Guy Hamilton, the movie starred Sean Connery as James Bond. Below are images from the film: Read more...Collapse )

"OCEAN'S THIRTEEN" (2007) Review

"OCEAN'S THIRTEEN" (2007) Review

After the rather disappointing 2004’s "OCEAN'S TWELVE", I really did not expect to even like this third entry into what became a trilogy. I more than liked "OCEAN'S THIRTEEN". I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only was it better than the second film, I found it just as enjoyable as the first – namely 2001’s "OCEAN'S ELEVEN" Read more...Collapse )

"LOST" RETROSPECT: (1.23-1.25) "Exodus"

"LOST" RETROSPECT: (1.23-1.25) "Exodus"

If one was to ask me what was my favorite season finale of "LOST", I would be prone to answer Season Three's (3.22-3.23) "Through the Looking Glass". But my second choice - and a very close one at that - would have definitely been the Season One finale, (1.23-1.25) "Exodus". Read more...Collapse )

"AUSTRALIA" (2008) Photo Gallery


Below is a gallery featuring photos from "AUSTRALIA", Baz Luhrmann's 2008 World War II historical drama. The movie starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman: Read more...Collapse )

"THE BLACK DAHLIA" (2006) Review

"THE BLACK DAHLIA" (2006) Review

Judging from the reactions among moviegoers, it seemed quite obvious that director Brian DePalma’s adaptation of James Ellroy’s 1987 novel had disappointed them. The ironic thing is that I do not share their feelings. Read more...Collapse )



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